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Social campaigns: the other side of advertising

There are those who believe that advertising encourages consumerism and feeds the voracious appetite of the capitalist system to enrich the large transnationals. And it is true.

“Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have, on things they don’t need,” would say the American humorist Will Rogers.

To a large extent, this may also be true, but if we take into account that advertising is basically about persuasion, then it is, in a way, one more face of rhetoric and as such it is neither good nor bad per se. Rhetoric, like advertising, has always served to convince people of good things and other things … not so good.This leads us to remember the many examples where advertising creativity focuses on seeking the common good, motivating people to take care of themselves. Yes, we are talking about social campaigns.

In all countries, strong investments are made to spread prevention and health messages aimed at the general population, without trademarks involved or invitations to buy something. So we can say that they are altruistic, disinterested and good will campaigns … is it? Same answer as before: on the one hand yes and on the other … mmmmh not sooo disinterested.

Good intentions?
Although no one can deny that these types of campaigns carry a positive message in themselves, it is also true that they are paid by governments, certainly to protect the population, give a good image, but also to reduce the millionaire expenses that the affairs of public health. Did we say that governments paid for them? Sure, with our taxes.

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Leaving behind issues of values ​​and hidden intentions, we are going to focus on the undoubted intention that creativity has in these campaigns: to impact. And this can be done in two ways: by communicating the Algeria Email Address  benefits of, for example, quitting smoking, or by showing the damage that continues to do so. And yes, you were right. Experience has taught us that the most seen, effective and remembered are the ones that threaten and intimidate us.

A case of success
One of the public safety issues that has concerned governments in recent years is the increasing number of car accidents caused by using the phone while driving. In fact, it has been compared to the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and it has also been said that eight seconds with your eyes on the device at a speed of 120 km / h is equivalent to traveling an entire football field with your eyes closed.

This was the case in Argentina, in whose province of Cordoba this problem was getting worse and worse, so the local government launched a campaign with the aim of making the population aware of the risks of suffering road accidents caused by this bad habit.

More creative impact, less vehicular impact
This inspired the creative team of JPG Group de Communicant the campaign Social Crash (Social Shock) in which it was proposed to the Cordoba Highway  Buy Leads Police to create outdoor advertisements on the main Cordovan routes during the busiest season of the year.

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