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Technology, advertising and sports Business Database

The constant evolution of technology has not stopped changing our world and everything we do in it. Brands have taken advantage of this to integrate it into their strategies and sport, with all its commercial potential, the huge market it represents and the opportunities it offers, could not be left behind.

It has adopted the different tools and platforms that each era offers, such as today’s augmented reality, with a dual purpose: on the one hand, to optimize the way of advertising in sports games, taking advantage of the spaces and times that each sport allows and on the other, improve the experience of fans inside and outside the stadiums, to strengthen ties with sports clubs.

For years, the all-powerful and omnipresent television reigned among the advertising media and for a while now it began to lose steam.

First the remote control and with it, the zapping, then a great variety of channels on cable television: more zapping and later, streaming platforms and video on demand … and everything went downhill until today, in which? who watches open television?

One of the few content that continues to be seen through this traditional medium is live sports and especially soccer.

A league final in Mexico, a classic Chivas América (the two teams with the most barbara rentler email address  tradition and rivalry in the country), a Champions League final and that’s it: a lot of fans glued to TV in restaurants, bars or meeting friends in their homes for more than two hours … just no ads.

Other sports, like football, for example, are full of commercial breaks in the middle of the game. Annotation? Commercial break. Change of possession by fumble or interception? Commercial break. Two minute break? Commercial break.

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Football, on the other hand, has that small commercial drawback: the 90 minutes that the game lasts, in which the audience is captivated, are short, without a single cut. And in the preview, the halftime, and the final analysis, where there may be announcements … irremediably lowers the rating.

What a problem! But the opportunity that one of the most popular sports in the world offered could not be missed,The evolution
First, billboards began to be used that, in addition to impacting the public in the stadium, reached large mass audiences through television.

Later, billboards began to be used that changed from time to time, mechanically. Then, in the 2000s, the first LED screens appeared and finally, in recent years, the use of virtual reality became popular, allowing ads to be different in the same transmission, depending on where it is viewed.

This technology, although in essence it remains the same, has evolved with significant improvements such as Parallel Ads, an augmented reality technology that adapts in real time up to 4 ads on the same fence and can transmit them simultaneously on different channels, with a hyper -realistic integration that is impossible to distinguish from reality.

This allows the content of the advertising space to be adapted according to the location where it is transmitted, whether it is through an open television channel, pay TV or streaming services, adjusting to the market that is watching the broadcast of a match.

To do this, they recreate the map of the field in 3D integrating it with cameras to monitor the movement of the players to create a layer that is manipulated in post-production. Another type of technology is DRBLive, which uses non-visible light signals to superimpose panels with virtual and dynamic messages within live TV broadcasts, as well as mentions and sponsorships of moments, teams, stadiums and leagues.

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And beyond all this, sports brands and teams have also taken advantage of augmented reality, virtual and mixed reality innovations to create  adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower, brand experiences, such as dynamics in stadiums, video games, applications that interact with the live action of the stadium, virtual approach with players and others, which add value to the brand and can be more significant than a simple advertisement.

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