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Tesla Dating wants to compete with Tinder and this is what this new platform looks like

Tesla’s (unofficial) intentions to enter the dating app market have been made known, thanks to a client.
It’s no secret to anyone that dating apps are especially popular. Firms like Tinder have generated an especially profitable market and now, everything seems to indicate that Tesla wants to enter this competition. Interest is growing in this category of apps, so Tesla seems to have found an interesting and unconventional way in its turn to, at the very least, offer a differentiated experience to its customers. The intention would not be wrong if we consider Peru Mobile Database the growth that these types of services have experienced. At least so prompted by a recent study signed by Smartme Analytics, whose conclusions indicate that, among people under 35 years of age, the use of Badoo has experienced a 52 percent increase; from Wapo 34 percent; Grindr 24 percent; and Tinder 94 percent. With these figures in context, in recent days Tesla’s (unofficial) intentions to enter this market have been announced, although with one condition. Under the motto “Because You Can’t Spell LOVE Without EV [electric vehicle]”,

Elon Musk’s electric car firm has been the perfect excuse for the launch of a new app that from now on is identified as Dating Tesla. The idea of ​​this platform was born as a joke; however, it has begun to gather momentum. The founder of this site, Ajitpal Grewal, assured me that it all started as one. “To be honest, the site was billed as a joke,” the founder told Mashable while noting that, “I’m seeing some traction now, you might consider building the app for launch.”This Canadian businessman came up with the idea after listening to “countless” friends and acquaintances talk about how much they love their Teslas. “It seemed like once they became customers, that Brother Cell Phone List was all they wanted to talk about. It became a big part of her identity, ”Grewal said. After this, the businessman found an opportunity and launched Tesla Dating, which at the moment has already received 200 subscriptions to have a guaranteed subscription before the launch, which is in addition to the thousands of visits that are already added to the site, according to Grewal . The truth is that to be part of this recent dating application, users must prove that they are owners of the firm’s vehicle, so we will have to wait to see how many of the interested parties are left standing after this detail is fulfilled.

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Although we are talking about an application that is not official of the brand, the reality is that this type of service has been growing in popularity significantly. It is estimated that on a global scale they raise more than 6,152 million dollars (million dollars) annually. Platforms with unusual ideas also emerged, such as a project that matches individuals according to their DNA. Of course, they are also the most vulnerable websites for serious cybersecurity risk . Even with these risks, the truth is that these platforms have become a golden opportunity for brands. Both Tinder and Grindr serve their user’s advertising, which has led more and more brands to connect with a very specific group of consumers. With this in mind, for Tesla, it would not be a bad idea to officially adopt this development that seems that, at least at first glance, it has a target audience that wants to strengthen its relationship with the brand.

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