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The generation of informed children email list

If broadcast television lost strength before the expansion of the internet and the birth of streaming, the propagation of advertising, no. On the contrary, we see in these new technologies ways of reaching larger and more diverse audiences, including children, who also continue to be the most vulnerable in these areas.

Although many parents would like to be able to make use of the resource of the showcase and not allow the air to touch even a hair of our little ones to damage them, that is impossible. But we do have a weapon to protect them before the advertising avalanche on the internet and its multiple platforms.

Powerful information will always be a good resource and a weapon to defend against the  breezes bahamas email address subtlety of advertising messages, which seek to introject into their minds the need or taste for a product or service and, consequently, the desire to buy it.

Talking to our children and teaching them to distinguish between the content they observe on the Internet is a task that we must carry out as part of the media literacy suggested by human rights researchers in the digital environment.

In addition to being a good opportunity to live with children, sitting with them to watch videos on the internet or some type of content that allows us to show what an advertisement is and what its purposes are, it could be the difference of fostering a mind in them criticism of this type of content.

The organization Common Sense Media, which disseminates guides for parents to this type of digital phenomenon, suggests that while watching some advertising, children should be asked questions, as a game, such as: What product are they selling us? Did the commercial make you feel? Do you think everything they tell us is true?

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You can even play to identify the ‘tricks’ that advertising uses to make children want what they sell and how they try to get their attention to achieve it.

That same resource is valid for when children are in front of an influencer on platforms such as YouTube, since those with the greatest reach are usually sponsored or allied with brands to promote their products.

Explaining to children how the world of advertising works and its strategies can arm them with a critical vision and form them with a shell that prevents them from being easily manipulated by the advertising to which they are inevitably exposed.

Either way, there is always the possibility of setting limited hours for children in front of mobile devices, computers and even television.

Common Sense Media suggests us in the case of YouTube, where the contents are so open and aimed at all age groups, subscribe to channels that we choose together with our children, so that we go directly to what we have selected, and whose content We have previously reviewed, which will limit exposure to the vast, diverse and risky content on that platform.

YouTube Kids is not the salvation as it was believed at first, because likewise the breadth of content and the excess of advertising prevents control over them. Therefore, the suggestion is also to join, from time to time, to see with the creatures what is usually of interest to them on the platform.

We cannot avoid what is inherent in the generation of our children, but we can help them to discern what they are exposed to so that their decisions and  if you have already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower, tastes are formed with greater knowledge of cause and freedom, and create a generation of informed children. Does it take time? Yes, but what else can we offer you if not?

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