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The importance of Content Marketing, 3 interactive tools that will help you

If fresh ideas are needed to drive it forward, it may be time to add interactive material to your content marketing efforts. In case you’re wondering why your audience isn’t interested in your content, or if fresh ideas are needed to drive your content, it might be time to add interactive material to your content marketing efforts. According to Neil Schaffer, reading content is great, but getting your audience personally engaged in your content is even better. When customers can participate in your marketing efforts, you can transform the process of extracting information from reluctant customers to creating an experience where visitors in a good way offer Vietnam Mobile Database valuable feedback and even have fun in the process. In case one of your concerns is the cost of the investment, due to the participation of designers or programmers, there is no need to fear. While some of the tools that we will present below will benefit designers, most of them can be done easily by yourself and do not require deep technical knowledge. Many people who hear the word “test” think of the typical waste of time on some sites. According to Schaffer, we’ve all spent too much time trying to figure out which cat is the cutest or which Disney character we are; But quizzes can actually be an efficient way to learn more about your audience and bring them closer at the same time.

Questionnaires are similar to surveys, in that they both ask your audience a series of questions; however, with a traditional survey, you ask your customers to respond. The reason for this is that customers often don’t want to take the time to respond. Meanwhile, the quizzes are fun and engaging. Clients can see which weirdest character he is or whether or not they know the correct answers. At the same time, they can be a great way for companies to collect information that can be used for business purposes. Testing tools are generally quite inexpensive. They can be free like uQuiz or even Google forms, others that require hundreds of dollars per annual subscription like Qzzr or Quiz Maker for example. Paid tools provide greater access to deeper insight Brother Cell Phone List insights and integrations. Whichever route you choose to take, you’ll be sure to increase your lead capture as well as gather some interesting data about your audience. If you still don’t know that videos are a great way to grab your audience’s attention, you need to think about your content marketing plans right away. Videos can be interesting, humorous, thought-provoking, or artistic. The standard video will play from start to finish, offering viewers a concept created by your company. Interactive audiovisual content, on the other hand, turns passive viewing into an active engagement, as it provides the opportunity to answer questions while the video plays. Facebook Live is one of the best tools out there for interactive live video. They can easily maintain a Facebook Live and answer questions and comments.

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In turn, a tool to create a pre-recorded interactive video is SnapApp, derived from providing an easy way to create interactive content without the need for a programmer or any important technical experience. You should consider that SnapApp is not cheap ($ 19,800 for a one-year contract). However, your investment will provide you with a wide range of interactive tools, from ROI calculators to videos, surveys, and much more. You may be nervous about whether the quizzes will resonate with your audience or whether you are not ready to take the next step on video. Neil Shaffer refers that goals can also be achieved with more traditional content such as infographics, electronic books, among others. That is why, to generate interactive written content, you must start with the LeadRev interactive PDF creator. This free tool allows you to take PDF files and make them more graphically interesting. In this way, readers can decide for themselves whether or not the content you are offering is worth the exchange of their personal information. In case you want a little more, you can try the inexpensive ThingLink, which is priced at $ 240 per annual subscription, this resource allows you to add pop-up annotations to your content. You can easily transform infographics, e-books, maps as well as various pieces of information that will appear when the mouse passes over them.

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