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The pandemic, great digital accelerator

The truth is that many in the logistics industry have been caught off guard by this pandemic and have done nothing, at least nothing visible to remedy it. It is no secret to anyone that electronic commerce in the world has had an excellent year in 2020 and that it is a trend that is here to stay. In 2019 the growth rate of e-Commerce stood at 30%, but in this year 2020, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the projections have moved towards double, that is, 60%, according to the global consultancy IDC. This unusual growth in e-Commerce has imposed great challenges on the logistics and freight transport industry, such as acquiring the best practices Bahrain Mobile Database throughout the process, particularly in the last mile, that is, in the physical delivery of goods. packages at the door of the final consumer. The marketplaces, like Amazon and MercadoLibre, among many others, have made their August with the growth of online shopping, but it takes work in that last part, not being the final cease to matter. On the contrary, it is usually the one that has the most weight, since it is the one that captures the online buyer forever, or not.

We have mentioned that in Mexico it has been difficult for e-Commerce to take off, especially due to low banking, the digital illiteracy of a large part of the population, and the understandable distrust of putting our bank details online. I want to stop at the first obstacle to e-Commerce in Mexico: the level of banking, which is still the lowest in Latin America, according to a study published in the first two months of 2020 by the firm Minsait, an information technology provider in Mexico and Latin America. This analysis indicates that the penetration of banking in Mexico covers 36.9% of the total population. However, the services dedicated to the distribution of Bahrain Mobile Database of products and freight transport must be made of best practices from now on, because many have disappointed the final consumer with their deliveries. Adrián Cuadros Arellano, general director of MD Logistics, has put his finger on the sore when he said that many parcel companies literally “throw away the purchase” at the entrance of our homes. I would add that throwing away the purchase is also making a bad delivery, with a damaged product or totally out of time. To whom this writes, it just happened that he made an online purchase at Sam’s Club, with a promise of next-day delivery.

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The order arrived with a missing item that was credited to the card with which it had been paid, and until then, everything was in order. The problem came when reviewing the purchase in detail: with overripe and ripe fruits, as well as others in a frank state of decomposition. The store was immediately informed of this and asked to write a letter, take photos of the products in poor condition, and the purchase receipt, all of which were sent by mail. Two days later they replaced part of the merchandise in poor condition. Another case: Costco, to which an order was also made online, but when requesting a reprint of the ticket to be able to bill, given Brother Cell Phone List that the delivered one was damaged, the store was unable to respond as it should in times of pandemic. By chat, since we could never contact anyone by phone, they told us that the only solution was to go to the store for that purpose. And where did the healthy distance, the pandemic, and consumer care? The truth is that many in the logistics industry have been caught off guard by this pandemic and have done nothing, at least nothing visible to remedy it. Some marketplaces have had a correct evolution and the end customer perceives it immediately, but others have not taken it seriously, such as the purchase of a gift that was made in Liverpool online, which arrived in three parts by three delivery providers on three different dates. Sure, after the day they were required.

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This great digital accelerator that has been the pandemic, should be used by parcel companies to improve their deliveries and thus win, once and for all, the final consumer. Because as long as the last mile is not seriously worked to refine deliveries, distrust in e-Commerce will prevail and will give the reason to more than one who refuses to see the benefits of this practice.Economic reactivation after Covid-19? Providing information to the community, educating and sharing knowledge among the collaborators of the organizations about the pandemic and the necessary protection measures has never been more relevant than now, “that is the perfect recipe”, at least that was one of the statements that were given during the webinar “Covid-19, economic reactivation, an overview”.In this virtual space, Dr. Misael Uribe Esquivel, general director of Médica Sur, expressed his opinion that healthy distance measures should be maintained, as should the mask, which “should be mandatory.”

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