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These keywords will completely ruin your SEO strategy because of Google

Google seeks to minimize the impact that fake news can have on its advertising ecosystem and has adjusted to SEO issues. Many have said that SEO strategies would be vital to brands and their marketing and advertising strategies in the post-pandemic era. Google knows. The concern to improve efforts in this area has to do with the opportunities offered by occupying a privileged place within search engines. At least 61 percent of marketers rank it as the top priority for inbound marketing activities, according to HubSpot. In addition, for 57 percent of those involved in the B2B segment, SEO allows them to generate more leads than any other marketing activity. Given the habits, needs and interests gained in the midst of the health crisis, this aspect will become even Finland Mobile Database more relevant, if we consider that, as indicated by a recent study, on the one hand, 86 percent of marketing professionals consider that reaching their goals this year will be more difficult, which takes another reading if you assume that 65 percent of them say that their budgets will be depleted. And it is that compared to other advertising tools and resources, SEO actions are still considered a strategy that, with not so high investments, are capable of delivering interesting results for brands. In fact, only 4 percent of marketing teams believe that SEO will lose importance in the coming months, a figure that is in contrast to the 63 percent who are clear that efforts in this area will gain weight in the post-coronavirus world.

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The truth is that although there are many arguments to support this premise, winning positions organically will be increasingly difficult. Google’s algorithm plays a crucial role for two reasons. The first has to do with Google updates that have made it much more expensive for companies and much more difficult to capture traffic. As indicated by an analysis published by AdAge derived from the changes to the search engine algorithm, a greater number of ads are now shown in the first searches as well as more “prepackaged” information than there were years ago. These contents share a characteristic: they are connected to Google or they give answers without the need to really make a major click. The premise is supported by some statistics provided by AdAge. In June of last year for the first time, 50 percent of searches on Google did not send user’s Brother Cell Phone List away via direct link or ad to the advertiser’s page. As an analyst cited by the source explains, Google went from being a search engine to becoming a “closed garden”. In fact, things are much more pronounced on mobile, where searches that end without a single click are higher. The second has to do with the adjustment made by Google that seeks to minimize the impact that fake news and other false or inaccurate information can have on its advertising ecosystem. The great search engine is seeking to create a healthy environment for advertisers’ publications, which has implemented restrictive policies where words such as pandemic and death are penalized in SEO to avoid generating an alarm in the content.

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In this way, as they repeat from GumGum, in recent weeks, the messages of the brands have been blocked to obtain clicks after their messages contain words such as covid, covid-19, covid 19, coronavirus, pandemic, and quarantine. Undoubtedly, these topics remain in the conversation and interest of the audiences, so it is tempting to use any of these terms in the SEO strategy to gain positions. Just review the following shared table from Google Trends showing interest in searches by term. Brands are buried by the popularity of the themes associated with the pandemic. The truth is that although in the first instance it might be logical to add these terms in one way or another to gain points in SEO, at least Google’s algorithm now penalizes them, to make the content around the pandemic as safe as possible. for users and advertisers themselves, who in programmatic do not want to appear next to false information or that leads to panic. This move has had positive results. It is now estimated that 62 percent of Coronavirus-related web content is safe for advertisers. However, it is fair to recognize that brands should be more careful with the terms that are used in their SEO efforts so as not to be out of the conversation but be careful not to be penalized. It is undoubtedly a challenge that will test the creative and strategic capacity of any company’s SEO teams.

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