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They ask Profeco to sanction a spot for a presidential plane for misleading advertising

On Monday, the presidential plane José María Morelos y Pavón was a trend on social networks due to a spot starring President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. However, later it was also positioned on the Profeco label because various users described this promotional as misleading advertising.
Users on social networks ask Profeco to sanction a federal government ad as misleading advertising
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador starred in a promotional spot for the presidential plane raffle
“We are going to raffle this plane on September 15,” says the head of the Executive in the announcement
On Monday, the presidential plane José María Lithuania Mobile Database Morelos y Pavón was a trend on social networks due to a spot starring President Andrés Manuel López Obrador . However, later it was also positioned with the Profeco label because various users described this promotional as misleading advertising. One of the maximum expressions to promote a good, product or service, is advertising. However, consumers today are more critical and aware of what they are looking for and expect from each purchase, so they are attentive to the offer that each brand presents, if they do not comply with it, they often question it. In many cases, misleading advertising can be incurred.

In this context, various users on Twitter published various complaints and made a call for the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) to intervene in the face of what is promoted in the spot published on Monday in the accounts of the Mexican president. The disagreement is based on the fact that the announcement released by the federal government in which the exterior and interior of the Boeing 787-8 are shown, invites citizens to “buy their little piece”, and in this way help the country since the proceeds It will be used for the purchase Brother Cell Phone List of medical supplies. However, users denounce that the prize that will be awarded to the winner of the draw will not be the aircraft, so it would merit a sanction from Profeco.“We are going to raffle this plane on September 15 and what is obtained will be used to buy medical equipment and serve the people. Buy your ‘little piece’, let’s make history, ” says López Obrador in the spot, referring to the fact that the Boeing 787-8 will be raffled off. Tesla, by order of the government, will not be able to issue several ads for being “misleading advertising”. AMLO promotes the purchase of ‘cachitos’ in a spot inside the presidential plane. Banorte postpones payments to its clients, but they will continue to run interest. What does the raffle promotion say? According to the National Lottery site, the Great Special Draw No.

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235 to raffle off the José María Morelos y Pavón Presidential Plane, which will be held on September 15, will be awarded one hundred prizes of 20 million pesos, that is, no the delivery of the aircraft is offered as the main prize. Likewise, it is detailed that the proceeds will be for the purchase of equipment for hospitals, with a value of 2.5 billion pesos. In no official section, it is detailed that the aircraft will not be awarded as a prize, even though the authorities explained at the time that “it would be a symbolic lottery, and that prizes would be given to the winners,” as they recall from El País. By the Federal Consumer Protection Law, in its Article 32, the information and advertising on any good, product, or service must be visible and verifiable, in addition to being clear and extensive, otherwise, it could be classified as misleading advertising .”For this law, misleading or abusive information or advertising is understood to be that which refers to characteristics or information related to some good, product, or service that may or may not be true, mislead or confuse the consumer by inaccurate form false, exaggerated, partial, artificial or tendentious in which it is presented.

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