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This is how you can get your content to appear on Google Discover

We share a series of actions to take into account if you want your content to appear in Google Discover, the news feed that Google shows users from its app. It could be a new source of traffic that you haven’t considered. Google Discover can be summarized as a news feed that highlights the search engine for users from the app. These actions will improve the chances that your content will appear in this key space on Google and smartphones. Read Reasons why a web page can lose positions in Google, according to an expert. If you have already opened the Google app from your smartphone, you may have noticed a series of contents that seem random at the bottom of the search bar. These contents make up what is known as Google Discover, a news feed that highlights the search engine for users and that may not have anything random, publishers and creators can get there if they want to. In fact, given that it is a space that can be considered key, and that the number of Internet users browsing from their phones is increasing, arriving here with the content can undoubtedly be a great achievement for any brand or content creator.

Thinking about it, this time we will see some points that can be considered to achieve it. According to Jeff Bullas, to reach a space like Google Discover with content, these are the elements that must be taken into account: According to the source, the content seen on Google Discover is the result of personalization and semantic indexing from the Google Knowledge Graph. Based on searches and interactions with results, Google assigns different pieces of content with context. The way Google gets a sense of context is through keywords. The only Belarus Mobile Database way that the Google Knowledge Graph can assign context in intent to content is by analyzing a semantic analysis of the keywords contained in the materials. Therefore, the first step to take is to use a broader group of secondary keywords in the content. The words must show a certain level of intention based on the traffic that is preferred. To find keywords it is worth relying on a tool, with this you can identify more terms to use in the content, which will serve to adapt the materials to the different queries that users make on a topic. Regarding this second recommendation, the source highlights that many people confuse Google Discover with the news feed, therefore,

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Many marketers end up trying to create viral content with attractive titles instead of evergreen-type content, which is not necessarily the case. what to be like. While the feed contains mostly trending articles, it’s also important to note that the click-through rate for those keywords will be lower. Not only that but also the possibilities of putting the articles in this space of Google are very few if it is not a publication with millions of readers. Also, even when trending content is managed to get into the feed, keep in mind that these materials won’t do much good after a week or two. Therefore, the best option is to create “skyscraper” type content that Brother Cell Phone List helps the audience. This way, your organic positioning opportunities won’t be compromised and a valuable audience will be built from Google Discover at the same time. Third, to be featured in Google Discover, it is important to have a Google My Business account or an entity in the Google Knowledge Graph. If any of these are missing, there are no opportunities to get traffic from the Discover feed. So you have to make sure you have the GMB (Google My Business) profile up to date, with current images, relevant posts, good customer reviews, etc.

Another important aspect, according to the source, is to leverage AMPs and provide pages that load fast for users of mobile devices. As detailed, fast-loading pages with AMP have an even more significant impact on organic traffic. Websites with AMP (Amplified Mobile Pages) experience a whopping 88 percent improvement in load time compared to traditional web pages. On the other hand, another critical factor to obtain traffic from this space is to use high resolution images in the posts or pages. This, in addition to helping to improve the chances of reaching Google Discover, helps to obtain an optimal CTR.This next point is related to what has already been seen in the case of the keywords above. The idea is to integrate keywords into the content that can be considered secondary and that denote the same intention and context for what is being created.According to the Search Engne Journal, semantic searches also allow Google to distinguish between different entities (people, places, and things) and interpret the intent of the search engine based on a variety of factors including things like users’ search history. , location, global search history, and spelling variations.

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