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This is what large technology firms earn for each of their employees

Netflix appears to be the most effective company in terms of employee profitability, earning $ 2.3 million each. It is no secret to anyone that employees are the main engine of growth for any company and in the case of large firms such as Netflix, Apple, or Amazon this aspect translates into millionaire profits. In this game, Netflix seems to be the most effective in terms of the profitability of its employees and that is that the streaming platform earned, in the past year alone, more than 2.3 million dollars for each of its employees. These data are part of the results reported by Buy Shares, a firm that also ensures that this figure is 23 percent more than that generated Luxembourg Mobile Database by other companies such as Apple, which earned $ 1.8 million per employee, or Facebook, which was left with just 1.6 millions of dollars. According to the study, for the rest of the technology firms we have that during the last quarter of the year, companies such as Alphabet, Google’s parent company, earned 1.2 million per employee, eBay did the same with 818 thousand 257 dollars, while in order, the list is closed by PayPal (771 thousand 962 dollars), Twitter (710 thousand 622 dollars), Alibaba (616 thousand 875) and Amazon (352 thousand 996 dollars).

While these figures are interesting in and of themselves, the realization is that it is even more revealing to know the reasons that put Netflix above any other brand. It is interesting if we consider that the team that directly belongs to the ranks of the firm, does not compare with those owned by other large companies in the world of entertainment that with more years in the market are far from reaching the streaming platform. This is where one of the core points is that makes Netflix the company that earns the most for each employee. And it is that Brother Cell Phone List while their income increases significantly, the number of collaborators does not seem to grow at the same rate. The reason is not another, simply the structure of the firm has managed to adapt. In this way, it is worth mentioning that the user base of the entertainment platform grew exponentially in recent months after at least half of the population in the world remained in confinement. Although this last point has been crucial, the truth is that Netflix’s profit goes beyond what has happened during these months. Thus, it is important to mention that during the last new years, the number of subscribers added by the service of Los Gatos,

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California, increased by 797.42 percent, rising from 21.5 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2011 to 192.95 million in the same period of 2020. To be more precise, during the first quarter of this year alone, Netflix added 10.09 million new subscribers. Although the advance of Netflix is ​​important, the truth is that it is a rhythm that could not be maintained, since as the time of confinement passes, the truth is that this advance of Netflix could slow down at least in the acceleration to gain subscribers . To this must be added the need to generate their own content. The commitment to original productions that are also accompanied by a good marketing strategy, today is especially necessary for the platform, given the arrival of new competitors who will seek to get their licensed content from the Netflix service as soon as possible. This could increase costs and cause the average profitability per employee to decrease in the following months, so we will have to wait to find out if Netflix can maintain this situation.

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