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TikTok ban will hit the Trump campaign: What happens in the App Store proves it

Following the TikTok ban, hundreds of users began writing thousands of negative reviews for Trump’s campaign app. The veto of TikTok by the administration led by US President Donald Trump continues to be talked about. During the first hours of this Monday, the famous Chinese application confirmed that it has filed a lawsuit against the government of the American Union, considering the prohibition of its service in that market as unconstitutional. This news comes in the midst of the Republican party officially announcing that Donald Trump Malta Mobile Database will be the candidate of this political force for the next electoral process that will define the new president of the United States. The two facts now seem to be more than ever correlated and it is that everything seems to indicate that the TikTok ban could mean not only lost votes for Trump, but also an interesting discrediting campaign for his political effort in search of re-election. After the problems experienced with Twitter and the speech issued by the president of the American Union, the “Plan B” of the president’s communication team was released. For months now, the team behind Trump’s election campaign has been developing an alternative channel that will come in the form of a smartphone app.

This application seeks to become a platform for news, information, and entertainment for its followers, while being an alternative measure in the face of the possible separation of Twitter, according to its campaign director, Brad Parscale. This app was launched last April and has often made it into the top 10 news apps, even occasionally surpassing outlets like CNN, The New York Times, and Reuters.”We have always been concerned that Twitter and Facebook disconnect us from the network and this serves as an alternative plan,” Parscale told Reuters. Although in time this app has managed to generate interest among a large part of the voters, the truth is Brother Cell Phone List that after the decisions made in the face of TikTok, it has now become a target of criticism, with which its rating within the Apple App Store has gone down interestingly. After the Trump administration decided to block TikTok, as reported by TechCrunch, hundreds of users began to write thousands of negative reviews for the Trump campaign app, available from the App Store. This technique, known as review bombing, is a mechanism that application users have found to express their annoyance towards certain topics. In this way, users have begun to bombard the Trump campaign app with bad reviews from just one star.

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The data is just interesting. According to data provided by Sensor Tower, on July 9, Donald Trump’s app reached 216,500 reviews from one star, a phenomenon that coincided with the first statements of the Trump administration towards TikTok.As tensions grew between the two parties, there was a new wave of bad reviews that this time reached 5,383 reviews. Promptly, the aforementioned measurement firm collected the keywords of the reviews where it highlights the terms virus, personal information, bugs, and TikTok.With a reputation that barely reached 1.2 stars, members of Trump’s campaign team decided to reset the review count, erasing all previous information, including positive reviews, to zero the most recent update. recent app. This fact makes it clear that what happened with TikTok could significantly affect the efficiency of Trump’s re-election campaign, so we will have to wait to find out what for this conflict that now seems to be of utmost importance for users and voters.

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