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Tiktoker Rod Contreras arrested for allegedly robbing a Walmart: Unlimited influencers?

Rod Contreras was arrested after attempting to rob one of the Walmart branches located in Mexico City.
Various media reported this Tuesday that the influencer known as Rod Contreras was arrested after trying to rob one of the Walmart branches located in Mexico City. According to the information published by media such as Milenio, the TikTok was also arrested for allegedly not paying for two suitcases at the aforementioned supermarket, located inside a shopping plaza on Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho, Periodista neighborhood, Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office. The information issued by the political authorities reports that Australia Mobile Database Rodrigo Alonso ‘N’, 21, was referred to the agent of the Public Ministry along with another young man identified as Isaac Abel ‘N’, 20 after both tried to leave the Walmart store without paying for two suitcases with a value of 4 thousand 238 pesos. The facts were confirmed by a video that is already circulating on social networks where Rod Contreras is observed in the parking lot of the aforementioned Walmart escorted by several policemen.

The fact becomes relevant if we consider that Rod Contreras, who has more than 18 million followers on TikTok, 6 million on Instagram, and just over 3 million on YouTube, is considered the second-highest-paid TikTok in Mexico. This is revealed by a payment simulator for influencers, signed by InfluencerMarketingHub which, taking certain criteria such as the scope and growth of the profile, for example, provides an estimate of the income that these influencers may be generating for each paid post. For the case of the Mexican market, the tool Brother Cell Phone List places the influencer Kimberly Loaiza as the TikTok that can earn the most when collaborating with a brand with a profit of between 13 and 21 thousand dollars per post. This puts Rod Contreras ( @elrodcontreras ) in second place, who could be earning close to $ 12,000 for each ad collaboration. With these figures, it is strange that the influencer was limited to pay for the products that he apparently tried to steal from the Walmart store. Recent studies indicate that the influencer marketing industry will be worth $ 10 billion by 2020, thanks to the fact that 43 percent of marketing teams experiment with influencer marketing actions to define the real value it brings to their brand

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.The advantages that brands can find in an influencer are endless; However, associating the brand with a celebrity involved in controversy or who is repeatedly criticized can be disastrous. Although this is well understood by brands, the truth is that the danger in this arena grows as the demand and supply of these types of celebrities increases in the market. Gaining relevance in the digital environment, even for this type of “virality experts” is increasingly complex. Caer is this type of actions that could have the sole purpose of being controversial to win the interest of the audience will be a constant, with what for commercial firms to identify those partners in the field that can really add value to an image rather than associate it with Unwanted topics will be more complex. The environment demands influencer marketing actions much more strategies, that do not leave small details adrift and that are not guided simply by the number of followers.

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