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# UberVuelveACancún, the claim of users in networks or an effective strategy of Uber?

A few hours ago, the hashtag # UberVuelveACancún has become a trend in Mexico, since it is used by users to request the return of Uber to the tourist destination of Quintana Roo.When doing the estimate on TweetReach, the last 100 tweets related to the tag had a reach of more than 413 thousand accounts and more than 496 thousand impressions.The hashtag # UberVuelveACancún has been circulating on Twitter for several days, but it was today when it began to position itself as a trend.The conversation of the users revolves around the request of users that the application return to service in Cancun, a city in which it had to stop working after various Ukraine Mobile Database conflicts in the city.The generality of the comments is focused on requesting a quality service and complaints regarding the high rates charged by the taxi drivers of the tourist destination.We know that Uber has faced various conflicts in various cities around the world where it operates or has operated and the Mexican market is no exception.One of the cities in which he had problems was Cancun, where in 2017 several drivers of the transfer app and even users were subjected to threats.This affected more than 1,800 vehicles that work for Uber, a high percentage considering that it has 3,000 registered cars in Cancun, according to several local media reported at the time.

Among the measures that the brand undertook to combat the situation was to launch a campaign in which it requested the support of the users themselves to “demand that SINTRA (Secretary of Infrastructure and Transportation of the State of Quintana Roo)” to stop the arrests against application drivers.However, despite the support of users and negotiating with the authorities, as well as warnings from Uber about the risks to continue operating, it had to cease functions in Cancun at the end of 2017.A few days ago, some posts published by Uber were seen on social networks, suggesting a soon return of the app to the city of Cancun, something that local media warned at the time.This took place on this day when the hashtag Brother Cell Phone List positioned itself as one of the main trends on Twitter in Mexico.From the first instance it seems that it is a claim and request of the users to appropriate the label, however, when making the review it has been found that some of them shared photographs of outdoor advertising in some parts of Cancun with some copies that go In keeping with what was reported by some media, signs that it is a campaign.We consulted with Uber to find out their point of view on the hashtag # UberVuelveACancún and if there is any marketing action behind it. In this regard, María Fernanda Reséndiz, Communication Manager of Uber Mexico, commented:In December 2017, we suspended Uber’s operations in Cancun.

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We are currently waiting for the government of Quintana Roo, through the Mobility Institute, to respond to the request presented three months ago.Regarding the trend in social networks # Uber VuelveA Cancún, we confirm that it is the response of citizens to a Marketing campaign launched by Uber recently in Cancun, positioning that same hashtag. From Uber we value how people, both from Cancun and from different entities in the country, have shown their support by reacting organically on social networks to request our return.It is completely valid to rely on the consumer, in this case the user, to boost brands or marketing and advertising actions.In the end, let’s remember that 85 percent of consumers build their opinions on companies , according to Weber Shandwick and KRC Research .And, if we have seen that many times a strategy or action is generated from the conversation on social networks, it is also true that on other occasions brands seek to position themselves on these platforms by relying on their audiences, sometimes it works, sometimes not .In the case of Uber, it can be said that they have known how to develop this type of strategies, there are several cases in which they have succeeded, because although it is not yet official since, according to Noticaribe “the State Congress will place locks for their operation within the reforms to the Mobility Law of Quintana Roo ”, the app has already expressed itself on its Twitter account announcing.

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