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Why are influencers no longer so influential?

Perhaps those who read me will find this article controversial. It may even be thought that I myself am shooting myself in the foot because several brands hire my services as an influencer. However, it is undeniable that the habits and attitudes of consumers change at a dizzying speed and communicators are not allowed to assume facts that yesterday were market realities but already today, have changed radically.
I share with you some hidden aspects about modern influences marketing that nobody wants you to know … and that could save you a lot of budget.

What is driving this change?
After the pandemic, perhaps measurable things will vary substantially, but what is a fact is that the big brands have sought association with influencers and celebrities and this strategy has become an indispensable part of their marketing plans. As a result, thousands of influence’s – phenomenon – have sought to take advantage of their visibility. Recently, however, we are seeing signs that digital influences are not as influential anymore. What is driving this change?

First. What I mention at the beginning; This pattern finds a major shift in the way consumers interact with brands. Now, the era of passive audiences is over.
Second. Audiences are actively engaging with each other (and with brands), seeking authentic and meaningful communication and forming their own communities with content based on shared interests and values, plus niches.

Are people turning their backs on influences?
Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook offer tantalizing promise for users of all ages around the world: a welcoming place for self-expression, meaningful participation, and a sense of community.

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At the beginning of social networks we argued that unlike traditional advertising, these were not invasive for consumers. However, we see that more and more, social networks have become a rosary of sponsored publications and ads – what you think, for example, when you listen to meditation music in the dark on YouTube and suddenly break your concentration with invasive ads – and users soon realize the in authenticity of influences and brands.

Some reasons why influences lose effectiveness:
Excess of sponsored content.
The excessive use of influences by advertisers has caused the user to persist that they receive more and more advertising and sponsored messages on their social networks. This causes fatigue that generates boredom and a bad image for those who abuse this type of content.
Lack of authentic commitment
Millennial’s and Generation Z especially, are denoting reasons that keep them away from  Albania Email List influence rs, one of them, the main one, is the demand for authentic participation in the content. People are tired of generic publications; celebrities posing with teeth whitening kits, “add-ons” that help maintain health; ”

Transfer factors” that purify the blood, and so on. Currently, social media users are looking for real content with no steps to interact, going beyond the online facade to see the real people behind the content.
Consumers tired of cliches

In addition to the demand for more authentic engagement, user fatigue with stereotypical content from influences is also driving people away.
Users are also increasingly tired of the typical photo of an influences trying a product or wearing a certain garment, which no longer surprises them and does not motivate them to interact.
Every day, social media users are subjected to an endless stream of influence’s who sell their products with the same aesthetic. Little interest in producing original, creative and engaging content.
Fake influences also proliferate

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Just as fake news has been parked as a symbol of lies, so have fake influences and they are those who without any modesty and unprofessional buy “likes” or followers on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Many influencers have increased their total figures artificially, which also  Buy Leads causes mistrust in the user. There are studies that prove that there are influence rs, hired by important brands that have false follower bases and that are scandalously estimated at up to 70%.

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