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Why are podcasts so successful?

Today, practically all of us are more than familiar with the word “podcast.” This substitute for traditional radio is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a digital audio file of speech, music, broadcast material, etc., made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player “. In other words, “a digital audio file of voice, music, broadcast material, etc., available on the Internet for download to a computer or portable media player.”

Surely many of you already listen to them on a daily basis because, in addition, they can “accompany us” while we are doing another task at the same time. We listen to them while we cook, play sports, clean the house or go on the transport. In other words, they are perfect for “multi-tasking”.

If we go to the figures, Podcast Insights collects the following data: 55% of the population of the United States (155 million people) has listened to a podcast. But in addition, the number is growing every year and also the amount of audio content available.

How we explain the popularity of the podcast format We are in the middle of the era of technology, of the visual, of virtual reality. This is almost contradictory to podcasts. This format is very simple in comparison, so much so that practically anyone with a smartphone at their disposal can create this type of content.

On the other hand, another contradictory element is that we live in a moment where immediacy reigns par excellence. We want things now, with a snap of our fingers and we consume smaller content, or “snackable contents”, which require little attention time, such as “Instagram Stories”. However, at the same time podcasts with durations greater than 30 and 40 minutes are triumphing. What could be the reasons for the success of a format so different from the general trend?

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1. Multi-tasking or multitasking and time optimization
The main reason podcasts are so successful is that they allow you to optimize your time to the maximum. Precisely the fact that other activities can be carried out while listening is a key point that explains their success. Most of the people listen to them at home, in the car, on the train, playing sports, or walking.

2. Podcasts are training and entertainment
Podcasts also allow us to learn new things. There is a huge offer of training podcasts from many different areas: languages, science, history, politics, society, etc.

In addition, podcasts are also perfect entertainment: music, food, sports or fashion are some of the most popular podcast categories. These podcasts list of american companies in bahrain  can be made through a wide variety of genres, such as conversations, interviews, stories or direct, among many others.

3. Listen to a podcast to keep abreast of current events
The big media have already joined the podcast fever. Without going any further, The New York Times podcasts have more than 2 million listeners every day. And the news is one of the topics that most interest consumers.

Some examples and podcast recommendations
As we have seen, there are many themes in the world of podcasting. Next, we are going to put 3 recommendations for podcasts in different languages.

BBC Trending: this is a podcast in English from the BBC, which makes reports related to social networks, misinformation, viral content, etc. Always using a critical point of view and interviewing all the parties involved or people with different profiles and points of view, which enriches each of the reports.
LEWIS 360 Podcast: podcast in Spanish, produced by the LEWIS communication agency, where a wide variety of trends in the world of marketing and communication are analyzed.
Talent Précieux: This podcast is in French. In it, different professional and entrepreneurial profiles are interviewed, to take a tour of their work experience, learnings, mistakes and successes throughout their careers.
Businesses will increasingly invest in podcasting The popularity of podcasts has already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover  made them a very interesting communication channel for brands. They are used to increase brand awareness, improve positioning and image, and connect with your customers or target audience.

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In fact, according to a ReasonWhy article, 85% of brands and agencies in 2019 planned to increase their investment in podcasts. Therefore, if we take the data into account, we can predict a long life for this versatile and interesting format.

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