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Why is Content Marketing gaining ground in companies

2020 has undoubtedly been the year of uncertainty. The pandemic has changed our routine, customs and also the way we communicate. Our businesses have been affected and we have had to show that we have the necessary agility to move forward, adapting to the new scenario.

Marketing departments have had no choice but to digitize, if they had not done before. Even the professionals most reluctant to digital Marketing, and who sometimes exclusively advocate for traditional advertising and presence at physical events, have not been able to resist change if they wanted to guarantee the continuity of their business.

In this 2021, despite the latest optimistic news of vaccination plans and the efficacy of vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna or Strangeness, we have continued to prioritize digital environments and platforms. Therefore, list of it companies in bahrain  focusing on Content Marketing that we can consume digitally is highly recommended. In addition, this content can be declined in multiple formats, since not all people consume in the same way. Let’s go deeper into it.

Content Marketing generates credibility and trust The first thing we have to take into account when launching into content creation is that the competition is extremely high. There is already a vast expanse of content in multiple formats. In fact, according to Hubspot, 70% of marketers are investing in this content area. Therefore, companies are clear that it is worth investing in it. However, we must propose a strategy and a very clear and agile content plan to guarantee its results in such a competitive market.

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Old fashioned advertising methods are proving less and less effective. Nobody believes as such in advertising. It is true that a more artistic and well-designed ad can attract the attention of our target audience but we are not going to earn their trust. This is precisely what content marketing is about.

The content must be of interest, original and must provide some added value. In this way, we will start with the consumer and probably get them to participate in the dissemination of this content with contacts they have. Normally, this dissemination occurs on social networks, which are now essential to generate a large dissemination in a more economical way, and achieve greater visibility. The fact of using these closest channels also helps to improve the credibility of companies.

In addition, by connecting with your audience in these more informal channels, you can learn from their needs and concerns to get the proposed services right and improve the existing ones, something that, if carried out effectively, will boost the sales of your company. But this is already a different topic that we will deal with in another moment.

Give your digital positioning a boost
If we talk about digital channels, we are talking about SEO. When we develop any type of content, we have to take SEO into account to ensure that our target audience will find this content. SEO and content must work in parallel in order to maximize results and build an effective Content Marketing plan.

When we start with this type of strategy, it is difficult to get a good SEO positioning in a short time. Therefore, while we work on organic positioning, we can resort to SEM (Search Engine Marketing), also known as SEA (Search Engine Advertising), as indicated by Hans Hatch from Soy Marketing. The latter will make it easier for you to reach more people in less time. The SEM can be carried out through search engines, but also through social networks.

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Different ways of consuming content
As already indicated, each person consumes differently. Therefore, we must be able to adapt our content. However, it is not necessary to start from scratch for  already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover  each format. We can, for example, start with the publication of an interesting study and create an article, an infographic with important data, a podcast commenting on the most current points, prepare a mailing, etc.

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