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Why is the call for a boycott against Mulan growing now that it has premiered on Disney +?

For Disney, Mulan must have a good reception by the public when it is released on its streaming service. After several delays and rescheduling for its premiere, The Walt Disney Company decided to premiere Mulan on its streaming platform, a move that has generated diverse opinions. One that has gained a lot of strength in recent days is the call for a boycott against the film directed by Niki Caro and starring Yifei Liu, and it is not precisely because of the charge to see it that is generating controversy. The film, which is seen as a watershed in the film industry, has Belgium Mobile Database such a challenge because in several Asian countries a call for a boycott against it at Disney + has grown strongly . This is because pro-democracy activists are again asking people not to see the live-action of the Burbank giant due to a pronouncement by its protagonist. It all stems from a statement by actress Liu Yifei made in September last year in which she expressed her support for the police forces in Hong Kong, at a time when the security forces were accused of exercising excessive violence against protesters in the favor of democracy.

As reported by various US media such as CNN, activists have become a trend on Twitter hashtags such as #BoycottMulan, and support is registered in countries such as South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan.“This movie opens today. But because Disney bows to Beijing, and because Liu Yifei openly and proudly supports police brutality in Hong Kong, I urge all who believe in human rights to #BoycottMulan, ” says one of the tweets supporting the call for a boycott against Mulan. Everything has its origin in a statement by Yifei that was released through the Weibo social network. “I support the Hong Kong police. Everyone can attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong ”, published the actress at the time. After his statements, the protests Brother Cell Phone List against him and Mulan began to multiply, as reported at the time by The Hollywood Reporter and, although during the first months of this year they were reduced due to less publicity and monitoring of the production due to the coronavirus pandemic, the weekend regained strength after its premiere on Disney +. This can be a real problem for Disney because, as we refer to at the beginning of the note, the live-action remake of the 1998 animated classic is seen as a test laboratory to know if the productions are called to be a blockbuster will have similar profitability in services streaming.

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Mulan was launched in the Burbank service for $ 29.99 in the United States, although with different prices in other markets; 19.99 pounds in the UK and 21.99 euros in France and Spain, for example. The goal is to generate income from the film, but also add new subscribers to the service, which currently has more than 60.5 million in the markets where it is active. In addition to this, it is a bite that seeks to attract audiences where it will be launched in the coming months, such as in Latin America and Southeast Asia. In fact, there is special interest in seeing the effect it would have in countries like China, for example where it is expected to be released in theaters. In this sense, and if the protests continue without there being an action to contain it or express a position on the part of the producer, it could affect its image and, consequently, the perception of the audiences, generating a risk so that they do not acquire the subscription to Disney + or not in theaters, as the case may be.

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