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Why Netflix Asks This Annoying Question And How To Remove It

Netflix tends to work well for the user experience, however, it does not make it immune to disturbing audiences with unnecessary actions. We know that entertainment through streaming services has grown rapidly in recent months, something that specialists suggest will continue in the future. Although Netflix currently dominates this sector, it must keep its marketing strategy fine-tuned so as not to lose relevance . More if we consider that we live in times in which Disney + is gaining subscribers in an accelerated way, Amazon Prime Video has consolidated, and services such as Apple TV +, HBO Max, and Peacock seek to gain relevance. In that sense, keeping Armenia Mobile Database audiences as long as possible is key. In this context, much has been said about this factor and what platforms should do to keep users on their screens for as long as possible. Netflix usually works this aspect very well, although this does not make it perfect. In fact, it tends to have habits that more than motivating the user, generate annoyance. One of them is to show the question “Do you still see this title?” that, among other inconveniences, has to stop the reproduction of a series to show the message waiting for the viewer to click on the button to ‘continue watching’ or to ‘go back. Why does it appear?

It is displayed in case the viewer has viewed two chapters of a series consecutively without having interacted with the player controls. In this case, this message will appear on the screen during the first two minutes of the next episode. The idea, according to Netflix, rather than annoying the user, is to make sure “that you do not lose your progress or consume unnecessary data if you are not really watching.”In short, the intention of the Los Gatos, California company is to offer a better user experience, however, the interruption does not necessarily fulfill its mission, in the end, part of the added value of this type of services is that people they are in control of what, how and when to view the content; that is to say, they will not miss any of their series or movies Brother Cell Phone List because they can return them at the time they decide. Although showing the question is intended to be of help, it can really be seen as an obstacle for the user experience, understood as the aspects of the interaction of the end-users with the company, its services, and its products. In this way, hindering the display of content can affect Netflix UX KPIs, although more than that, what is important is how the user interprets that message and generally does not receive a positive response. In that sense, Netflix asks the annoying question, but it also gives the user the possibility to deactivate it. This is accomplished by entering the Settings menu, then Playback Controls, Change.

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The ‘contraindication’ is that when this procedure is performed, each episode will have to be manually played. Certainly, Netflix still has various elements that are detrimental to the user experience, in addition to this question we remember the annoying pop-up ‘see the scene again, as well as the teaser and a promotional trailer. In all cases, the objective is to propose better usability of the platform, although really many users conspire to annoy them. In that sense, that subscribers have the power to modify these elements to further personalize the platform, is a benefit that not all services of this type have. In this regard, Amazon Prime Video has sought to improve these points, for example, it recently activated the creation of profiles in the same account, while it will be necessary to see what Disney + proposes in its launch in the Latin American market, although for what has transcended the platform already seen in other markets, has created an ecosystem that is very easy for the user to control.

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