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Your brand also communicates non-verbally

Imagine that you suffered from somniloquia … Do not be scared, it is not as serious as it is read. Simply and simply refers to the phenomenon of talking in sleep. Now imagine that you lead a double life and that your partner, with whom you sleep every night, tells you one morning that you have revealed some secrets by talking in dreams …

If this sounds scary to you, prepare for something much worse, because the same happens when we speak awake: all the time our non-verbal language can give us away and communicate things we do not want, without even realizing it.

And it is that according to a study carried out by the German psychologist Albert Mehrabian in the eighties, only 7% of what we communicate is through verbal language (the words themselves). The remaining 93% corresponds to non-verbal language: 38% vocal, which refers to how these words are said (tones, intentions, voice rhythm) and 55% visual (posture, gestures, clothing, gestures, the look, etc.).

If we think about this, we should be more concerned than someone who speaks in sleep, because in our daily lives we may be telling everyone different messages or even contrary to what we actually intended to say. And so while our words can say one thing, the strongest messages, in which other people believe, say another.

And your brand… what is it saying?
In advertising all this language works more or less the same, because at the end of the day it is also about communication.

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In this case, the brands use the equivalent of their verbal language through their headings, slogans, scripts and dialogues, that is, copywriting in general. And the part corresponding to non-verbal language would be everything related to design: images, photographs, fonts, dimensions, colors, textures, shapes and lay-out, without forgetting the empty spaces that would be equivalent to silences … and remember that a silence in the right moment can be much more powerful than a hundred words.

Imagine that – probably by mistake – you left your car blocking an entrance. When you return, you find a note on the windshield with a threat written on a Anguilla Email List  flowery sticky paper and in pastel blue ink, with a thin, impeccable calligraphy and carefully drawn in the baroque style … would it scare you?

And if instead it were a piece of brown paper torn and crumpled with a simple invitation not to park there again, written with a thick red marker, in capital letters marked with such force that it penetrated the paper … it would totally change the message, true?

Do you believe everything they tell you? Your consumers, neither
It is important to take into account that in advertising not everything that is said is believed and in fact can be counterproductive, as happens with a person who spends his time speaking well of himself, generates mistrust.

And to understand it better, what would you think if a waiter, when leaving you a Buy Leads  salad, told you, without having asked him anything: “don’t worry, everything is very well washed and disinfected”? Surely the incident would refer you to that popular saying that reads: “explanation not requested, manifest guilt”.

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